Artist Talks

Burn_Slow: Nordic-Baltic Sound and Radio Art for Mental Wellbeing

Artist Talks and Discussion

May 21th 16:00 – 19:00 (EEST Helsinki Time Zone)

Lectures and demonstrations of artists-researchers exploring sonic ecology, sustainability and mental health in sound art.

Krista Dintere
“Extending Time”

On time and listening methods in sound art for slowing down.

The talk will focus on how listening to music and sounds in the environment changes our perception of time by looking at various examples of creative approaches found in fields of sound art and experimental music. 


Krista Dintere (LV) is an artist and educator from Liepaja, Latvia working between the fields of sound art, experimental composition, media arts and creative research. Recently focusing on site-specific installations and experimental compositions which try to reveal the relationship between factuality of  field recordings and fictional sonic worlds created by means of artistic interpretation.

Maija Demitere

Maija Demitere
“Slow Media Art – Sustainable Sound Installation”

On Slow media art and issues of sustainability. 

The talk will focus on data as the raw material for visualizations and how those visualizations can illustrate processes of sustainability (mainly – food production and food consumption). 


Maija Demitere (LV) is an artist, doctoral student at Liepaja University, Latvia. Her main fields of research are deep sustainability, slow media art, developing art research and presentation methods that could offer different lifestyles, promoting individual self-sustainability – combining low impact gardening and technologies to create a deeper understanding of true balance between urban and country environment and individual and communal lifestyle.

Ieva Viksne

Ieva Vīksne
“Healing depression using realtime mental activity driven audio meditation”

Of dealing with depression by realtime mental activity driven audio meditation.

The talk will outline the role of mental health in personal art practice and the use of live feedback from the body in art. 


Ieva Viksne (b. 1990, LV) is a new media artist that resides in Riga. Currently studying MA in Virtual reality and smart technologies in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Graduated from the Liepaja University with a BA in new media art.Working with virtual reality, photography, digital image, performance art. Interested in topics connected to human cognition, body & mental health.

Short presentations which rise the research questions worked upon during skillsharing workshops on the next day:

Jacob Remin
“To Soothe the Body Electric”

John Grzinich
“Sensing a Site: telematic sound”

Mantautas Krukauskas
“Artistic diffusion of sound in space”

Derek Holzer
“Sounds of Futures Past”

Online discussion on “Sound Art for Mental Ecology”
Moderated by Laura Gustafsson

Laura Gustafsson (1983) is a Finnish author who also works in the fields of theatre, visual arts, and TV. In her books she aims at finding an unforeseen perspective whether the topic be motherhood or the end of the world (as we know it). Her latest novel Rehab raises the questions on how we are to deal with waste, and how do we come to terms with our own materiality. 


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