Burn_Slow: Nordic-Baltic Sound and Radio Art for Mental Wellbeing


#Burn_Slow on PIXELACHE 2021

#Burn_Slow Online Radio Program on PIXELACHE 2021 included 16 young Nordic-Baltic sound artist audio works – contest winners and honorable mentions as well as #Burn_Slow mentor – experienced sound artists and composers works – Mantautas Krukauskas (LT), John Grzinich (US/EE), Jacob Remin (DK), Ieva Vīksne (LV) and Krista Dintere (LV). 

Inspired by #Burn_Slow artist talks and workshops and personal experiences young artist audio works touch such subjects as listening experience, extended time, being present, revisiting memories with the help of field recordings, acoustic ecology, analog vs. digital radio and other themes.

Winners list in alphabetical order: Sarah Elizabeth Johnston, Diana Lelis, Andrejs Poikāns, Agita Reķe, Inga Salurand, Ivo Tauriņš, Evija Vēbere, Spāre Vītola, Milda Ziemane, Elza Zīverte.

Honorable mentions list: Glociks, Toms Krauklis, Ella-Mai Matsina, MakeMake, Nejauši, Waterflower.

Jury members were sound art and electronic music natives and educators John Grzinich (Estonian Academy of Arts, EKA), Krista Dintere (Liepaja University) and Mantautas Krukauskas (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, LMTA).

“Burn_Slow: Nordic-Baltic Sound and Radio Art for Mental Well-being” online program aired on PIXELACHE 2021 festival radio on June 12, 18:00 – 20:00 EEST.


Burn_Slow open-call for contest received 26 artists from 7 countries submitting 28 sound and radio art works. 23 of them included in Burn_Slow playlist and online exhibition here. 

List of presented artists and audio works:

Jacob Remin (DK) – To Soothe The Body Electric

John Grzinich (US/EE) – Tangible Futures Unheard

Mantautas Krukauskas (LT) – LAMENT

Krista Dintere (LV) – Atspulgi, Cikli, Transformācijas

Ieva Vīksne (LV) – MAD AMFH

Maija Demitere (LV) – Food Radio

Evija Vēbere (LV) – Pirmā pasaule

Andrejs Poikāns (LV) – fTM

Agita Reķe (LV) – IN

Sarah Elizabeth Johnston (AU/EE) – ENCOUNTERS

Ivo Tauriņš (LV) – DAB+

Inga Salurand (EE) – S6nad

Elza Zīverte (LV) – Ceļojums uz OMmmmmm Zemi

Milda Ziemane (LV) – Faux BIM-IN-(m)E

Spāre Vītola (LV) – Vieglākam miegam / For Better Sleep


Toms Krauklis (LV) – Tepat / Right Here

MakeMake (Vadims Pitlans & Jachin Pousson) (LV) – Dream Machine

Nejauši (Roberts Dinters & Valdis Skarevičs) (LV) – Dialogi

Glociks (Gustavs Lociks) (LV) – Reintermission

Ella-Mai Matsina (EE) – Rustle of The Mind

Anze Bratus (SI/FI) – The New Epoch


Paul Beaudoin (EE) – EE NOB I

Plastic Bitch (FI) – The DARK

Reinis Žodžiks & Spāre Vītola (LV) – Kad / When

Edgars Zinovjevs (FI) – Mind is Sky

Waterflower (Sabīne Moore) (LV) – Mushroom Generated Music Project 002

Lote Evija Lukjanska (LV) – Potatoe heart performance.

Listen to Burn_Slow playlist here:


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Maija Demitere Food Radio

Maija Demitere – Food Radio

The Food Radio is a reminder of the kitchen that is always on in the background at grandparents home.

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Ieva Vīksne – MAD_AMFH (mental activity driven audio mediation for healing)

This piece is a 7 minute performance, created for & performed during
Opening of BURN_SLOW: Nordic-Baltic Sound and Radio Art for Mental Well-being.

In the performance I’m using my brain waves (specifically power to concentrate or meditate) to control the sound fragment playback. I’m using Mindwave Neurosky EEG device to get numeric values of my brainwaves.

It’s a meditation on healing and listening to myself, the soundscape is an audial reflection of that.

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Waterflower – Mushroom Generated Music Project 002

Oyster mushroom mycelium from project 001 (thanks 2Annnas ISFF) grown in various plant-pots and recorded on time-lapse between 10.05.21 and 29.05.21.

Mushroom-generated MIDI data and documentary video footage recording inspired by the #Burn_Slow meeting and recorded on 21.05.21, and a week later on 28.05.21.

Mushroom-generated MIDI collected using a Plantwave. Five layers of MIDI instrumentation made using Xfer Serum and Reveal Sound Spire. Additional percussion added using Zero-G samples. Rain sounds recorded using an iPhone and Shure MV88, recorded from my small balcony in Riga, Latvia, on 19.05.21 during a particularly rainy and warm spring night.

Lote Evija Lukjanska - Potatoe Heart performance

Lote Evija Lukjanska – Potato heart performance

In the audio work, you can hear the music of cultured potatoes, which sounds from their hearts.People have something to learn from potatoes because they know peace. They do not rush anywhere, but listen to the flow of nature and flow with it. They sprout in the dark to bloom in the sun and bear fruit in the fall. And most importantly love.

Listen to the potatoes and burn slowly!

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Workshop results

Derek Holzer
“SOUNDS of FUTURES PAST: Media Archaeology, Design Fiction, and Electronic Sound”

Workshop on speculative design of historically informed electronic instruments.

Workshop by Derek Holzer “SOUNDS of FUTURES PAST: Media Archaeology, Design Fiction, and Electronic Sound” concentrated on creating prototypes for instruments of the future by looking at Media Archaeology of instrument building and seeking answers to such questions:

What are the affordances? (The possibilities an object offers its users);

Ethics ⁃ How is it made? 

What are its parts and features?

How does it relate to the user?

Are its actions passive or autonomous, transparent or visible?

What rules does it follow or break?

How does it relate to social power?

What is its purpose?

What hopes and fears does it take on?

3 groups prototyped and verbally tested possible future instruments:

Montse Torreda, Giada Totaro

Monste Giada Umbrella
Monste Giada hugs

Anze Bratus, Edoardo Piroddi

T*sla X-treme Big Brother Sound Monitor

T*sla X-treme Big Brother Sound Monitor is a new revolutionary device bringing the sound map of the world into the comfort of your own home. The super-hyper-ultra directional microphones placed on the newly improved Skylink satellites allow the user to access any area of the Earth. The coordinates of a specific location, which the user wants to explore, can be dialed in by two rings on the outside edge of the device.

The device enables the user to navigate the space through sound, without offering any strong visual support of the exact location that the user is currently targeting. The pressure-sensitive mesh spread over the T*sla X-treme Big Brother Sound Monitor allows the user to sink deeper in the soundscape, isolating a specific sound, offering the possibility to record, process, and use the sound as an input for various different purposes.

T*sla X-treme Big Brother Sound Monitor soon available in the stores worldwide!

tesla x
Beach modular Lelis, Ziemane, Dintere

Diana Lelis, Milda Ziemane, Krista Dintere

Over Horizon Modular Beach Chairs

We believe that spending some alone-time is healthy. Any company, even the best, quickly gets tired and depressed. No company is as pleasant as loneliness. We are often more lonely amongst people than in the silence of our own rooms. When a person is at work or in thoughts, he is always alone, wherever he is. Loneliness cannot be measured in miles that separates a person from a person, from those closest to him. The value of a person is no longer in his skin that we should rub against each other…

<I went to the sea, fell asleep, closed my eyes, connected with Myself and Humans here and for miles away, connected with the Environment and felt the universe… , which Nature itself had intercepted, modulated, and carried away from Place to Place>


* “tool for crossing horizons”
* sharing a social experience connected telematicall

* creating algorithmic music by your geographic position in the World

* create one sonic event from all connected Humans

* private listening

* heard on different interconnected beaches

* lounge chairs with holograms


* Fear of being alone

* Hope of meaningful connection